Membership Growth

The Institution has managed to encourage registration of engineering professionals with the Institution. The membership rose from the initial 25% margin to a whopping 85% compliance over a period of five years.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Institution has good relations with industry, and this helps with placement of engineering students on attachment and placement of recent graduates for graduate trainee programs. Through the engagements with the Institution most companies have extended a hand to the institutions of higher learning through the provision of engineering laboratory equipment to ensure that students have state-of-the-art equipment that is relevant to the current and ever-changing operating environment.

Continual Professional Development

One of the mandatory requirements for annual license renewal by the ECZ is proof that one has engaged in Continual Personal and Professional Development (CPPD). ECZ requires 15 CPPD points annually from each member to ensure the renewal of the annual practicing certificate. The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers has partnered with different senior engineers, companies and other professionals to offer CPPD training to engineers on different fields, such as, accounting, project management, engineering software training, public relations, grooming, ISO compliances and deportment, among others. CPPD points are proof that a practising engineering professional is constantly learning to increase one’s knowledge and remain relevant to the profession. The Institution has managed to ensure the development and mentorship of upcoming engineers through putting in place quality CPD programs for both its members and engineering stakeholders.

Lobbying for Placement of Engineering Professionals in Parastatal Boards

The Institution (ZIE) has managed to lobby with the government for the placement of engineering professionals on different Parastatal Boards, executive positions and government positions as well. Currently, there are several Ministers, Members of Parliament and Permanent Secretaries who are engineering professionals. Engineers continue to sit on virtually all Parastatal Boards in the country and many hold executive positions in different parastatals, such as, ZINWA, ZESA, NRZ, and ZINARA. This recognition is important as it encourages the upcoming engineers to be diligent and aim higher in the profession. Additionally, the engineers add the requisite value to the boards they serve.

ZIE Membership

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