“Promoting appropriate standards of engineering competence since 1953”

The early background of the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers dates back to 1943, where engineers practicing in Southern Rhodesia had tentatively discussed the need for a society which would be truly representative of all disciplines of the engineering profession.

Contrary to some belief, the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers is not a new institution, it is not only for civil engineers, it is not a profit-making institution and it is certainly not an institution of a few selected individuals. The first step in this direction to form an engineering society was taken in September 1943 when 11 Chartered Engineers in Salisbury and 12 Chartered Engineers in Bulawayo were invited to serve on committees in the two centres with the object of defining the steps to be taken for the formation of an engineering institution. These committees concentrated on drafting of a constitution that would provide for the formation of an engineering society and define the status of engineers eligible for membership. This constitution was then approved in 1944. The 23 chartered engineers then elected amongst themselves an inaugural council of 12 members and the first general meeting was held in Salisbury on May 29, 1945. From this time up until 1951, the council were busy with drafting of a Bill that would govern the operations of such an engineering society.
After certain unavoidable delays the private Bill was approved by a Select Committee of the House of Parliament and was finally passed and promulgated on November 27, 1953. In essence, this meaning the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers was born on the 27th of November 1953.

Therefore, the objective was achieved by having an Act that recognizes the Rhodesian Institution of Engineers as the Southern Rhodesia national body of professional engineers. The expectations of this body were to attain and maintain the highest ethics of professional conduct in its services to the public, in the advancement of engineering practice and in the development of the whole field of engineering.

“The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers is all encompassing of all engineering disciplines” Thami Mpala

Today, 69 years later, this is exactly the mandate that the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers holds and follows diligently. The Rhodesian Institution of Engineers then became the Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers in 1980 soon after the country gained its independence. The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers (ZIE) is a learned society of engineering professionals mandated to act in an advisory capacity to Government, Industry and Educational Institutions to promote and maintain appropriate standards of engineering competence. The operations and membership of ZIE are regulated by a Private Act of Parliament, and in turn regulated by the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe (ECZ) through the Engineering Council Act (Chapter 27:22).

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