An organization which, by the nature of its works and services contributes to the advancement of engineering, science and technology.

Any firm practicing engineering work or wishing to do the same is required by law (Engineering Council Act CAP27:22; SI 161 of 2010 and SI 153 0f 2012) to register with the ECZ. Application thereof has to be made through a registered engineering constituent body.

To become a ZIE Affiliate Organisation Member USD 240.00 equivalence ZWL$ non-refundable processing fee is payable plus an annual subscription of USD 360.00 equivalence (organizations with less than 10 engineers) or USD 450.00 equivalence (organizations with 10 or more engineers).

NB: The USD-denominated fees are payable in ZWL$/RTGS at the prevalent RBZ interbank rate, i.e. on the day of payment. Pay as per ZIE Invoice or confirm the prevalent RBZ interbank rate (willing buyer -willing seller) at 024-2746716/2746821 (ZIE Offices) prior to making payment.

The following documentation should be submitted upon registration with ZIE by prospective Affiliate Organizations:

a) Certificate of incorporation
b) Company profile
c) Valid Tax Clearance Certificate, where applicable
d) Duly completed Affiliate Organisation form
e) Requisite registration and annual subscription fees
f) Detailed CV for the anchor Engineer, Technician or Technologist who vouches for company. The Engineer, Technician or Technologist should be ECZ registered for the ECZ Affiliate/ Engineering Firm registration to be processed.


Engineering Company 1-2 Engineers150150
Engineering Company 3-5 Engineers250250
Engineering Company 6-10 Engineers500500
Engineering Company (Above 10 Engineers)25002500

Application Forms

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