Holder of a Quasi-Engineering or HND in Engineering and a minimum of 3 years post-university engineering experience.

If one has a recognised engineering degree or B.Sc. Degree in an allied field/equivalent qualification and at least three years post-university engineering experience, s/he may be admitted as a Member or Technologist, of the Institution, respectively. One with an engineering diploma plus at least three years of post-college engineering experience may be admitted as a Technician of the Institution. An applicant needs to complete the attached Form M1. A report on training and experience plus a post-university/ college engineering project report should also be submitted. Additionally, an application has to be supported by 3 ZIE Corporate Members in good standing. An approved registration fee is payable upon submission of the forenamed documents, together with certified copies of professional certificates and associated transcripts.

Member Registered with a Recognized Engineering Institution

If one is a Member of an engineering Institution that is recognized by ZIE, s/he will be exempted from submission of an Engineering Project Report and Report on Training and Experience. However, attach an original certified copy of the membership certificate thereof and a detailed CV.

ZIE Corporate Member Form M1 Completion Guide

  1. Fill in the form in CAPITAL letters in black ink or electronically.
  2. Ensure that every section is duly completed.
  3. Include your e-mail and cell phone number(s) in Contact Details.
  4. Attach certified copies of all your professional/engineering certificates and related transcripts.
  5. Follow the accompanying guides on writing both ‘Report on Training and Experience’ & ‘Project Report’, where applicable.
  6. If you are a member of a recognized engineering institution, attach a certified copy of your membership certificate as evidence thereof.
  7. In case a Report on Training is not required, provide a detailed CV. Report your work experience in retrospect, which is, chronologically, starting with your current position.
  8. Where your ‘Division’ is not named, write your preference e.g. Electrical/Power etc
  9. Make sure your sponsors/referees are Corporate Members registered with ZIE and they should all endorse the application form and the associated sponsor form.
  10. Do not forget to attach your company/departmental organogram, indicating clearly your organizational position.
  11. All applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of USD90.00 equivalence (Non-ZIE Graduate), or  USD70.00 equivalence (ZIE Graduate Member)  payable in ZWL$/RTGS at the prevalent RBZ  interbank rate, i.e.  on the day of payment

Applicants to familiarize themselves with the following documents prior to an invitation for Membership Interview:

  1. The ZIE Act (1987) and SI 88 of 1987
  2. The Engineering Council Act 27:22; SI 161 of 2010 and SI153 of 2012
  3. The ZIE Code of Conduct
  1. Pay as per ZIE Invoice or confirm the prevalent RBZ interbank rate at 024-2746716/2746821 (ZIE Offices) prior to making payment.
  2. Please ensure that your application is supported by a ZIE Corporate Member (Sponsor/Referee). Also, attach certified copies of your degree certificate and transcript.
  3. Pay as per ZIE Invoice or confirm the prevalent RBZ interbank rate at 024-2746716/2746821 (ZIE Offices) prior to making payment.
  4. ZIE funds are payable in cash or deposit into:

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
A/C-Name: The Zimbabwe Institution of Engineers
Branch: Africa Unity Square – Harare
ZWL$ A/C No: 0100 21676 4300
Bank Code: 4000
Names of the ZIE member (s) should be stated on the proof of payment (POP) to facilitate prompt issuance of receipt


Email POP (proof of payment) to accounts@zie.co.zw and cc wilson@zie.co.zw or bring the POP to ZIE to facilitate the issuance of a receipt.

ZIE Membership

Use our handy tool to find the membership grade that best matches your experience. There's a membership grade to suit everyone from a Student, Member to Fellows.